Is Jesus Your Best Friend

Mar 2, 2023 | Star of the Sea Ministries

We all know a lot about Jesus Christ but do we know Jesus Christ? Lent is the perfect time to  hang out with him and get to know him- His character, His glances, The way he talks and the  way he listens. 

Scripture describes Jesus’ Character for us. Besides being loving and holy, He is meek and humble, compassionate and prayerful.  

How do you experience His humility when He speaks to you?  

How do you experience His compassion when He listens to you? 

Have you ever stepped into the Throne Room and sat down to the right of Jesus and prayed with Him as He prays for you to the Father? 

Have you ever just had a cup of coffee with Him and enjoyed His company? 

Jesus longs for relationship. He wants you to know Him the way He knows you. On any given day He is waiting for us to ask Him what is on His HEART for us? 

Keep in mind that our relationship with Jesus exists in the present moment only–its not in the regrets of the past or the dread of the future. It is in the NOW where we connect with our very best friend.  

Start out by asking the Lord this question, “Jesus, what makes you want to be with me?” John 15:15

Romans 8:29

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