Birthday Ballet Celebrates Jesus’ Birthday

Jan 3, 2023

Blessings and a book signing came together at the Advent Shop in Massapequa just in time for Christmas! Author Barbara Campbell spent several hours on Saturday, December 3 signing copies of her latest book “The Birthday Ballet” and visiting with customers, talking about the wonderful characters featured in her books based on Ella Ella Francinella and her family. Together with son David-Peter Campbell, the books’ illustrator, Barbara spent time with parents and grandparents, sharing stories on the importance of faith in the lives of children. There are few chances lately for family members to spend time with each other, and Barbara’s books help parents discover ways to do just that. Her first book, “Sunday Dinner” reminds adults of their own childhood, when family gathered for dinners, sharing their triumphs and challenges, and to support each other as only family can. “Birthday Ballet” features Ella and her pals choosing a gift for their grandfather, but then must look to alternatives when their plans fall through. Barbara’s books focus on lending spiritual support for children and families in gentle and caring ways, with engaging illustrations that bring the characters to life. To order books, and to read more about Ella Ella Francinella and her extended family visit 

For more on the Advent Shop, visit their website at or stop by the store at 3 Bayview Avenue, Massapequa, NY and meet owners Sarah Ryan and Teresita Calderon. The shop is a source for many diocese in the US including Rockville Centre, featuring church supplies, books, and hard to find custom gifts that carry spiritual significance. The shop also offers prayer sessions, religious articles, and is home to a number of confirmed relics of importance.

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