You and your family are invited to share the Good News of God’s personal love. Through the adventures of Ella Francinella and  her friends, author Barbara Campbell incorporates important life lessons with the message of the Gospel Truth, all while keeping the story light-hearted and fun.

A good news celebration.

Ella and company are role models for children as they often face dilemmas looking for out-of-the-box solutions. Children and adults alike will enjoy Ella’s fun-loving friends and family with their entertaining antics.

The Tour Includes…

• Author/Illustrator Visits: Student-Centered Activities, Visits, How Ideas Become Books – Children Tell Their Own Stories

• Art Projects / Illustrating Workshops

• Weekly Ellagrams of Inspiration and Blogs

• Holy Spirit Tweets

• End-of-Year Celebrations: Meet Ella Ella and her friends for an End Of The Tour Party

Spirit-Filled Solutions for Children.

The Ella Ella Francinella series of storybooks along with a coloring book is a great opportunity to share the Good News of God’s love! Book sales are supported with Ellagrams, scheduled blog posts, and Holy Spirit tweets each week to give students and families a complete program of love and encouragement as they encounter God in their daily lives.

Sunday Dinner

Sunday Dinner whimsically touches on three themes: encouraging children to think outside the box, teaching them to never give up, and helping them overcome their fears through humor and laughter. Parents often avoid talking about children’s fears so not to draw attention to them.

The truth is that shedding light on them is the very best way to dis-empower them!

Coloring Book

It’s not just for kids! Beautiful coloring pages featuring characters from the acclaimed Ella Ella Francinella book series include Gospel messages that speak to the whole family.

Based off our diary blog of weekly inspirations entitled Ellagrams.

Birthday Ballet

Birthday Ballet features Ella and her friends wanting to find the perfect birthday present for Grandpa Gooshy.

A ballet costume seems like a great idea, but after searching everywhere, the group must come up with an ingenious and heartfelt solution.

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