The Resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ

Apr 9, 2023 | Star of the Sea Ministries

The Resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ calls us to be” Never -the -Less” people!  During this Easter season between Resurrection Sunday and Pentecost we are equipped to practice Resurrection power in our daily life. Here is a list of things to do intentionally:

• Wage spiritual warfare through weaponized words of encouragement.

• Practice radical Thanksgiving

• Refuse to be offended

• Risk provoking hostility by speaking the truth

• Hammer Down the enemy’s plans By deliberately speaking the Word of God every day!


Proverbs 18: 21 ;  Psalm 100 : 4 ;  Isaiah 50:4 -9 ;  John 8: 31-33;  Jeremiah 23: 28-29   

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