Godcast: Good News Network Reaches Out

Oct 29, 2021 | Godcast, Star of the Sea Ministries

Godcast brings an intergenerational perspective to different themes presented each week, focused on how to live the Catholic faith in today’s world. 

Originally conceived as a podcast hosted by author, therapist, and spiritual director Barbara Campbell, the program features lively discussions between Barbara and her granddaughter Lizzie on topics ranging from mental health to relationships, cultural awareness, and issues uppermost in the minds of young Christians today. 

Godcast: Good News Network is a natural offshoot of Barbara’s books centered on the adventures of Ella Ella Francinella and her family. The podcasts feature the real-life people in Ella’s world, her cousin Lizzie and Barbara as the family matriarch. Lizzie originally handled the technical aspects of the program, eventually joining Barbara on the show in lending her own perspective as a young adult. Guest speakers join in regularly, often featuring students from local high schools discussing topics relevant to young people today.

Godcast: Good News Network has it all – family, generational perspective, dialogues of faith and hope, and a window into the special relationships in a family where faith is shared and differences are heard and respected. Godcast is a presentation of Star of the Sea Ministries and is available on all podcast platforms.

Listen below!