Out of Our Comfort Zone

by | Dec 10, 2020

Hey , it’s Lizzie La Tish! This is the real us, believe it or not. These pictures were taken in the middle of winter at a ski lodge. I remember this day because I was so scared to go down the huge hill in a snow tube because I’m a little afraid of heights . Grandma Goo saw that I was upset and she didn’t want me to miss out on all of the fun so she decided she would go down the hill on the tube with me to make me less scared.

At first I thought that it was ridiculous , who ever heard of a grandma snow tubing?! Anyway I eventually gave in and sure enough, it was super fun. It was so fun that suddenly everyone wanted to ride in a tube with Goo. I guess we all need a Grandma Goo in our lives to gently push us out of our comfort zone sometimes.

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