An Intro To Un-Offendability

Jul 25, 2022 | Star of the Sea Ministries

To be un-offendable is an impossible adventure yet one that the Word of God calls us to take. So what’s the answer?  Here’s the good news- if God’s Word calls us to do something He equips us to do it. It’s an automatic guarantee. But natural “self-help” graces will not work. The answer is to access the supernatural graces that overcome our own well-intentioned but broken human condition.

So what is the first step towards this radical rearrangement of our brain, engineered by our Creator, that will overthrow the strangleholds of stress, anxiety, and depression in our everyday life? The first step as always is to make a cold “decision” to be un-offendable. That decision will immediately propel us to a supernatural space where we will leap with joy as offense after offense assaults our mind, body, and spirit producing limitless opportunities to live Free! Sounds easy peasy? It’s not, but worth every dying gasp you take getting there…more to come.

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