You Don’t Have To Give Up Your Misery To Be Happy

Dec 1, 2021 | Star of the Sea Ministries

Good News! You don’t have to give up your misery to be happy. You can be intermittently happy while still enjoying your misery! And here’s the secret! You can keep your misery safe by putting it on a shelf for a day or two , but be sure to promise yourself you can get right back to it at any moment. Next after placing your misery on a shelf you can begin to do the happy dance for a day or two, an hour or two, a week, or 10 minutes. Sometimes it’s just too scary to let go of your misery to embrace happiness that’s when practicing intermittent happiness becomes inoculation therapy.

The next step to jump start your happy mode is to aggressively declare before the Lord, King of the Universe, everything you are grateful for- starting with the cup of coffee in your hand. Then supernaturally gratitude becomes awe and awe becomes thanksgiving. Suddenly the Courts of Heaven will open and you have begun your journey to face happiness one square foot at a time.

Learn how to develop this practice in our upcoming devotional on “Intermittent Happiness”.

(“Sermon On The Mount” Matthew 5-7 -“Happy are those who…”)

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