Star of the Sea Ministries Shines with Spirit of Huntington Art Center

by | Aug 28, 2020

Star of the Sea Ministries has engaged Spirit of Huntington Art Center to handle branding and marketing services and social media management for all assets of the organization.

Star of the Sea joins the family of clients handled by Spirit of Huntington, a non-profit organization that oversees students with special needs producing promotional material  and social media management while providing marketing strategy and branding support for other non-profit organizations.

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As a faith-based enterprise, Star of the Sea began with the book, Sunday Dinner, which celebrates the multi-generational family relationships that everyone will recognize. Author Barbara Campbell continued to write, spreading the Good News of God’s personal love to today’s families with a coloring book featuring Ella Francinella and her friends. The adventures continued with Ella Francinella and the Birthday Ballet, due for release this year. The books speak to adults as well as children, delivering life lessons with messages based on the Gospel Truth while keeping the stories lighthearted and fun.

Star of the Sea continues to expand its reach through multi-media channels with blogs, tweets, a radio show, podcasts, and speaking engagements, as the Spirit of Huntington Art Center delivers its brand and message to all social media outlets. This year in partnership with the Diocese of Rockville Centre, Star of the Sea is featuring a book tour for schools, and GodCast: The Good News Network, a series of podcasts featuring high school students discussing issues relevant to today’s young adults.

As an author, counselor, and spiritual director, Barbara Campbell’s unique perspective serves as the foundation for Star of the Sea Ministries, committed to delivering God’s message of personal love through the Gospel applied to everyday life.  We invite you to check out GodCast: The Good News Network  along with the Ella Francinella collection of products and programs at:

The Spirit of Huntington Art Center is a 501c(3) nonprofit organization that believes creative expression can transform lives of students with special needs and Veterans by igniting passion in their lives. For more information please visit