Hallowed be thy Name

Nov 2, 2020

Halloween – the Eve of all saints actually celebrates our own sainthood in anticipation of All Saints Day! Its the perfect time to find out just Who we are in Christ? And to declare our sainthood over ourselves.

Romans 4 says “to call things that are not yet as though they were.” What does that mean? It means this – We have to pull down from heaven these declarations that Christ spoke over us when we became His Beloved!! And by declaring Who we are in words, we will become Who we are in reality.

Lets speak these declarations out loud each day over ourselves especially when we are tempted to think poorly of ourselves:

I am blessed,prosperous and successful
I am victorious, talented, and creative
I am energetic happy and positive
I am passionate strong and confident
I am secure beautiful and attractive
I am valuable free and redeemed
I am forgiven anointed and accepted
I am approved prepared and qualified
I am determined patient and kind
I am equipped empowered and well able
I am a child of the most High God

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